Monday, November 17, 2008

THE R.A.G.E. Project: "All Together Now"

Expected Exhibitors Include:
(Plenty of FREE space available! Come ALL!)
SEE North (with their Northwings Birds of Prey)
WATCH (Water and Air Team for Charlevoix)
CARE - Conservation and Renewable Energy
Charlevoix County Recycling Committee.
The SIERRA Club/ Clean Energy Now
CEI (Citizens for Environmental Inquiry) from Rogers City
Emmet County Recycling
Petoskey Plastics
NMPFP Northern Michigan People for Peace
Circle of Community
Friends of the Jordan Watershed Council
Little Traverse League for Peace and Freedom
Rate Payers Group
Dao of Health Acupuncture Herbs and Qui Gong

Tickets on sale at: (Portion of proceeds goes to SEE North)

Sight and Sound (231) 347-7810

Roast and Toast (231) 758-3499 and

Northern Michigan Artist Market (231) 487-0000 in Petoskey

Sadie and Jakes Gallery and Cafe (248) 721-1803 in Charlevoix

Castle Farms (231) 237-0884 (

(added notes from the editor:)

The coming event at the Castle in Charlevoix will open with all of the organizations introducing themselves and giving a summary of their biggest concerns in the first hour. They will be set up with more information in the Gallery for the rest of the night. This is great writing material!! Bring your notebooks!

What we are hoping is that poets and songwriters will take the information they wouldn't normally have placed in front of them, and write about it.

The open stage in between bands is for those that are prepared with something to offer on those lines. Songs go on album, album goes on sale, more people listen and learn which increases awareness and also provides opportunity to the songwriter to be heard as well.
Whoever they are!

Please don't miss this opportunity to come learn about what you can do to help our planet, the people in it, to find peaceful solutions, enjoy the music, and marvel at the beauty of The Castle.

Hope to see you ALL there!


Raechel said...
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Raechel said...

Nice start on your blog. I've linked to it from (Little Traverse League for Peace and Freedom).