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Hey all you R.A.G.E fans! (Revolution Against Garbage Everywhere)
Here's some "light" reading to elaborate on the POWER of COMING TOGETHER in a "sound vibration" ... to get rid of "garbage" everywhere...
(what this project is about)

All great "REVOLUTIONS" are sparked by like minds thinking loud enough to change the energy fields in their immediate reality. The more amplified the thought, the more energy; the more people are reached.

Suggesting a "thought process" and finding others to agree, is the best way to change the reality around us. Getting artists to write songs and create in tribute to something beyond themselves, makes others notice and begin that thought process, too!

The boxes... they really need to be broken down. Everyone on their separate quest to raise awareness and inspire peace, and change the world... would be a LOT stronger if there were no boxes separating them in their quest. .. and they'd be a lot less hypocritical, too!

Enough of my prelude... Here's an article to provoke understanding of what we are trying to do with this project in a scientific sense... (you might want to read it over coffee) If you are a poet, artist, or musician, I'm asking you to take some time to contribute your thoughts to the "form" we are trying to create. We want YOU at the next event! (we’ve already sent 3 artists to the studio!)


Multi-dimensional energy biology


By Cameron Day

Quantum physics and ancient spiritual teachings agree that our experience of reality is determined by our beliefs and thought patterns. Neuro-plasticity continually reinforces the patterns of thought that we are comfortable with, causing information that runs counter to one’s beliefs to be ignored, while information that supports those beliefs is embraced.
In order to understand more deeply how our belief systems affect our experience of reality, we need to understand the basic mechanics by which we attract “higher dimensional” energy that matches our frequency of thought. Using that understanding while anchoring our awareness in the present moment, we can radically shift our thoughts to a higher frequency level on a moment by moment basis.

The human energy field as a biological cell

The human energy field can be visualized as an egg shaped bubble of high spectrum light that extends a few feet out from our bodies in all directions. Imagine for a moment that your physical body and energy field are two parts of a single cell in the body of the universe. The human energy field is like the membrane of the “cellular sphere of consciousness” that surrounds our physical body. Continuing with the cell metaphor, just as the cells in the human body exist in a saline solution, you as an individualized cell in the body of the universe float in a sea of energy.

Just outside the invisible boundaries of our physical world, everything is energy, and each thought, emotion and experience that we have effects and changes the frequency of our personal energy field. From the perspective of consciousness, a thought is just as real as your desk or your computer. A pattern of thought that is repeated often enough takes on a tremendous amount of “solidity” in one’s energy field, and these “solid” thoughts are called thought forms.

Every thought we think vibrates at a certain frequency, and the collection of thought forms that we call our beliefs constitutes the shape of the “energy receptor sites” on the outer cell wall membrane of our human energy field. These energy receptors determine which energies we will be compatible with and continue to attract. Our cell membrane will seek out energy that matches the thoughts we habitually think, just like a cell in the human body only accepts peptides that it is accustomed to.

So when a person has thoughts based in stress and anxiety for example, the physical body send chemical peptides to our cells in response to the stress stimuli we have created. At the same time, the energetic receptor sites on the outer cell wall of the human energy field broadcast that frequency energetically, which calls out to the universe to send energies that match those thought frequencies, and those "outside" energies lock into the energy field, similar to a peptide locking into a receptor site in the human body.

Of course, the same thing holds true for our loving, uplifting thought forms. This is the basis of the Law of Attraction, which everyone has heard about by now. Where things get a little complicated is that most people aren’t in a state of constant awareness of their thoughts, so old grievances and limiting attitudes can easily be reignited and fed emotional thought energy, ensuring that they continue to attract matching frequencies to a person’s experience of physical reality.

Every thought that we think takes on a much greater degree of importance in light of this awareness, for our experience of reality is literally the manifestation of every thought and emotion that we give power to in our consciousness. Positive thinking is all well and good, but if we’re putting 10% of our conscious energy into “thinking positive thoughts” and the other 90% of our consciousness is simply habitual reactions to external circumstances, then we are unlikely to see much of a change in our reality. A thorough examination of our habitual thought patterns is required so that we can effectively change our frequency of thought, which will eventually change our experience of physical reality.

Cleaning the energetic receptor sites
Any belief, repeated often enough in the mind becomes a part of our personality, and a part of our experience of life. Decades of unconscious, reactionary thoughts have empowered limiting beliefs that we no longer question or even think about. In order to truly change the contents of our minds, we must take back the power, the thought energy that we have fed into those old beliefs that we have forgotten about, yet still exist within and influence our minds. (GARBAGE)

In order to clean out the contents of our sphere of consciousness, we must cultivate present moment awareness of our thoughts and the motivations behind them. It is not enough to only “replace” limiting thoughts and beliefs with a mantra if the old belief hasn’t been fully cleared away. The limiting beliefs still present in our thought patterns are like mud on the window that we view physical reality through, coloring our interpretation of the world outside. Even if the world is filled with roses and beautiful wild flowers, we will mostly just see the mud that is still on our mental window until it is removed. (GARBAGE)

Once we identify a limiting belief,(GARBAGE) such as “Life is so difficult for me” we can consciously choose to take back the thought energy that we have put into that thought over the course of our lives…. (more can be found at

(It seems like I said something like all this in my previous blogs...
I had never read this guys take on it. I was just making it up! )

(and all you people think I'm crazy...)



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